Welcome to Thangjam Agro.

Almost twenty five years ago, armed with nothing but a dream, I began this most incredible journey. This journey has been not an easy one and I faced many challenges along the way. Manipur does not have the most suitable economic, social or political environment to run a manufacturing unit. Against all the odds, we have worked very hard to sustain and develop this company.

Today, as I look back through those years, I am very proud of what my company has become. We are now processing over 1000 metric tons of fruits and vegetables per annum, manufacturing a range of 8 quality food products in over 20 packaging variants. We have grown at an average of over 60% per annum in the last five years and most of my products are market leaders in their respective segments. The company now employs over 250 persons and is generating more employment opportunities every year. I would like to take this opportunity here to thank my entire team, and especially my founding employees for their hard work and dedication to the company.

My brand, Likla now enjoys a very strong brand equity in the market today. Over the years of our efforts to deliver the best quality food products and due to the loyalty of our most valued consumers, Likla is today undoubtedly the most valued foods brand in the region. We are overwhelmed by the love and loyalty our consumers have bestowed on us and we promise to continue to work hard to provide the best quality food products at the best value.