SUSTAINIBILITY-FRUITS-CULTIVATIONIn its very limited capacity, Thangjam Agro is engaged in supporting farmers of the region in the cultivation of various fruits and vegetables. We source pineapples from farmers in Thayong through contract farming, and Moirang directly. We also source passion fruits from Churachandpur and Senapati. Oranges are sourced from farmers in Tamenglong and Lemons are sourced from Ukhrul. Apart from these, we also source other fruits and vegetables such as papayas, plums, tomatoes, tamarind, etc. from farmers across the state. We have been encouraging farmers by offering them guaranteed procurement from them and are working on inking contract farming with more farmers. We also grant advance payments to the farmers ahead of the harvesting seasons. We are also working on aiding farmers by supplying seeds and effective farming techniques and methods to farmers by assisting them with experts and scientists in the respective areas. It is the firm belief of the company that entrusting revenue generating capacity in the remotest lands through cultivation would play a very important role in the economic empowerment and enable sustainability in our region.