Our Signature Outlets

Likla provides a great ambience and ideal atmosphere in its every outlet, ensuring the best customer service. Apart from takeaways, customers can walk in any time and dine in with their friends and family and experience the taste of joy, love and happiness.

Likla Bakery, Moirangkhom (Medis & Co.)

Likla Bakery unveiled its first ever Exclusive Retail Outlet in the franchise model, offering a premium range of delicious baked goods, crafted by the finest bakers to be a one-stop bakery store for every customers in Imphal.

Launched in April 2017 at the heart of Imphal City, located at about 1.5 km on the Indo – Myanmar Road along Asian Highway No. 1, it became a prominent landmark in no time.

Store Address:
Moirangkhom Loklaobung,
Sanakhwa Yaima Kollup,
Imphal, Manipur 795004
Store timings: 6 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Babina Diagnostics

One of its kinds, Likla launched its 2nd Retail outlet in March 2018, though it’s the first and the only Own Store, inside the Babina Diagnostic Centre, Porompat.

It serves as an in-house café offering quick snacks and beverages for the employees and customers of the Institute.

Store Address:
Ahongei Leirak, Soibam Leikai,
Porompat, Imphal East,
Manipur 795005
Store timings: 9 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Sagolband (LD Enterprises)

The rise in the living standards of people and their consciousness for healthy and delicious foods brought up a need to open its 3rd Retail outlet at Sagolband which is located, adjacent to the busy hub of the Ima Market.

It was launched in December 2018 and soon became a favourite hangout joint for Teenagers, youths and office goers.

Store Address:
Meino Leirak, Salam Leikai,
Sagolband, Imphal, Manipur 795004
Store timings: 6am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Keishampat (Deenia Thangjam & Sons)

Likla bakery embarked its 4th Outlet in May 2019, Keishampat along Tiddim road which leads to Imphal International Airport and several tourist destinations and heritage sites.

Not only known for its elegance and lively ambience, this store is considered to be one of the largest and most happening one and it’s a stop worthy place for a delightful refreshment.

Store Address:
Sega Road, Thouda Bhabok Leikai Machin,
Imphal, Manipur 795001
Store timings: 6 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Mantripukhri (Taste Buds)

Likla Bakery marked its presence in the IGAR (South) Army Headquarters Compound, Mantripukhri in May 2019 as its 5th Outlet.

Located in a lush green compound, this store serves as an exclusive in-house café for the Assam Rifles personnel and their families posted here, offering a range of delicious snack and beverages at their utmost convenience. Spending a good leisure time over a cup of sizzling coffee along with a savoury snack in the evening at Likla Bakery is something which customers don’t want to miss every day.

Store Address:
IGAR Shopping Complex, Ground Floor,
Lamlongei, Mantripukhri, Achanbigei,
Imphal, Manipur 795146
Store timings: 6am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Nambol (4Sanjenbam Enterprises)

Known for its authentic varieties of Bora (Pakoda), Nambol is a favourite place in Bishnupur District where teenagers and youths of all ages would choose for a refreshing hangout. Going beyond the city limits, Likla Bakery launched its 6th Outlet at the busy hub of Nambol Bazar in May 2019 to spread the taste of joy.

Its unique ambience and a cool atmosphere will create every customer’s visit a memorable and delightful experience.

Store Address:
Nambol Bazar,
Tiddim Road, Nambol,
Manipur 795134
Store timings: 6am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, RIMS Road (LJM Enterprises)

RIMS Road, as the name suggest, it’s a famous street with a long stretch which leads to the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences and several other Medical Institutes and multiple food joints.

To light up a spark in the existing atmosphere, Likla Bakery launched its 7th Retail Outlet at RIMS Road in February 2020. It’s a favourite food joint for customers of all ages, be it for a cup of coffee, sumptuous pastries, delicious cookies, tempting burgers or savoury patties.

Store Address:
RIMS Road, Uripok, Imphal,
Manipur 795004
Store timings: 6am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Kangpokpi (G & N Co.)

Nestled between the hills along the National Highway 39, there is a place known as Kangpokpi District wherein the cleanest village in Manipur is located and youths are known for its vibrant and sportive culture, Likla marked its footprint by opening its 8th Bakery Outlet at Kangpokpi Bazar in February 2020 to fulfil the trending needs of healthy and delicious foods.

Its charming presence in an elevated standalone building and the colourful ambience is a remarkable centre of attraction for everyone who passes by the road and a splendid experience for every customer.

Likla Bakery, Kangpokpi is an absolute gateway to varied delights of Likla foods for the youngsters and families.

Store Address:
Kangpokpi Bazar (Opposite SBI)
Manipur 795129
Store timings: 6am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, JNIMS Gate (Medis & Co.)

Spreading the taste of joy, Likla opened its 9th Exclusive Retail Outlet near the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS), Porompat which is one the premier medical college and hospital in the State, in the month of October 2020.

With its spacious indoor and outdoor dine in area, one can choose for a hangout with friends, family or just alone to energize and refresh your day with the range of healthy snacks and sizzling beverages. It will be a definite satisfier to celebrate your special moments with the wide range of healthy, delicious bakes and cakes.

Store Address:
Near JNIMS GATE, Khongnang Makhong,
Porompat, Manipur 795001
Store Timings: 6 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Senapati (P&C Enterprises)

Known for its blue hills, green valleys and serpentine streams, the Senapati district is a picturesque place in Manipur wherein several ethnic communities of Manipur enjoys a harmonious life. Located towards the northern part of Manipur, its last town, Mao shares the border with Nagaland and serves as the gateway of the state. It will be an interesting fact to learn that the mesmerizing Dzuko Valley is located in this district of Manipur.

Crossing beyond the capital city limits, Likla marked its presence in Senapati District by opening its 10th Retail Outlet in the festive month of December 2020 to serve the various ranges of Products to the people of the district and share the taste of happiness.

Store Address:
Rural Development Association, Old Road,
Senapati, Manipur 795106
Store Timings: 6 am to 7 pm, 6 days a week, closed on Sundays

Likla Bakery, Manipur University (Luxmi Thangjam & Sons)

Located at the Indo Myanmar Road, Manipur University stands tall by acting as a Central University, providing quality education to about 7000 students of the state and other parts of the country. It is a known fact that the university have produced a plethora of successful Professionals, visionaries and Entrepreneurs across the state and beyond.

With a motive to serve the vast student community of the university and its officials, Likla opened its 11th Retail outlet inside the magnificent campus of Manipur University, Canchipur in the month of January 2021. Surrounded with greeneries all around, abundant with fresh air, the outdoor seating space provided will be a perfect choice to hang out with your mates or colleagues after a daylong lectures or seminars to rejuvenate your day with the range of savoury snacks and sizzling beverages at the pocket friendly prices. Add some sweetness with the delicious Cakes and Pastries from Likla and make your celebrations even more gracious and memorable.

Store Address:
Near the Main Gate, MU Campus,
Canchipur, Imphal, Manipur 795003
Store Timings: 6 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No Weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Mayang Imphal (Thouna Industries Pvt. Ltd.)

Continuing its mission to provide quality and hygienic foods in every household of Manipur, Likla expanded its retail operations by opening its 12th Retail Outlet in the auspicious month of April 2021 at Mayang Imphal, which is about 30 kms from Imphal along the Mayai Lambi Road.

Sparkling bright at the heart of Mayang Imphal Town, it has now become the Talk of the Town. With our well trained and ever smiling sales staffs, we ensure every customer will have a pleasant hospitality and a delightful experience. Dine in or just take Away!!

Store Address:
Mayang Imphal, Near Police Station
Manipur 795132
Store Timings: 6 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week, No Weekly Off

Likla Bakery, Churachandpur (Shanshong Enterprises)

Likla Bakery opened its 13th outlet in Tuibong Bazar, Churachandpur. And soon enough, it became a one-stop destination for our customers in the district to get various quality food products and share a good time with friends and family. Being located in one of the busiest towns, this outlet has the most buzzing and happening atmosphere.

Located at 63 kms from Imphal, Churachandpur has popular tourist spots like Tonglon caves, Ngaloi waterfall, Khuga dam and various resorts. A visit to the Tuibong Tribal Museum and Thangzam Road will give you a better understanding of the town’s history, the lifestyle, and the antique collection they had.

Store Address:
Tuibong Bazar, Churachandpur,
Manipur 795128
Store Timings: 6 am-7 am, 6 days a week, closed on Sundays

Likla Bakery, Bishnupur (4Sanjenbam Enterprises)

Likla Bakery launched its 14th exclusive outlet in the franchise model with an aim to serve a wide range of hygienic and quality products to the people of Bishnupur district and neighboring communities. A variety of more than 100 exclusive food and bakery products along with beverages are available.

Located at 29 kms from Imphal City, Bishnupur was one of the sites of World War II and many descendants of Japanese soldiers who died there still come to pay homage to their departed ancestors today. Loukoipat is also a picturesque tourist spot between two hillocks, located very close to our outlet.

Store Address:
Bishnupur Bazar, Bishnupur,
Manipur 795126
Store Timings: 6am-7pm, 7days a week, No weekly off

Likla Bakery, Sekmai (Ngasepam Sons)

Likla opened its 15th exclusive retail outlet in Awang Sekmai Bazar in the month of Jan 2022. This new outlet is dedicated to serving best quality & hygienic bakery items to the people of Sekmai and neighboring places.

Sekmai, a small town along the Imphal Dimapur National Highway 39 Road which is 22kms from the capital city is famous for its serene river banks. Sandy Shores is one of the best picnic spots for families and friends which is located within close proximity.

Store Address:
Sekmai Bazar,Sekmai,
Manipur, 795136
Store Timings: 6am- 7pm, 7days a week, No weekly off


Likla Bakery, Thoubal (BVHT All Season)

Likla inaugurated its 16th exclusive retail outlet in Thoubal Bazar. The opening of this particular outlet has been long anticipated by many and upon opening, it was warmly welcomed by the people of Thoubal. It is also one of our largest outlets.This new outlet is dedicated to make our consumers refresh their taste buds with the range of healthy and delightful Likla products all the time.

Located 43.6 km from Imphal city, this town is known for its scenic beauty, gardens and rivers. As one of the locations of the last battle of Manipur’s independence against the British in April 1891, this district is known for the Khongjom War. 

This site has also become a very important tourist attraction in the district. In addition, Thoubal Market is also an attraction that draws visitors when travelling to Thoubal. The market is the first sight you’ll notice since it’s situated at the district’s entrance from Imphal.

Store Address:
Thoubal Bazar, Thoubal,
Manipur, 795138
Store Timings: 6am- 7pm, 7days a week, No weekly off