“A Good Day starts with a Good Breakfast”. A nutritious companion for your breakfast made with fresh and fine fruits. Roll some Likla jam to mingle with the bread or lick it off a spoon for a mouthwatering experience. It comes in Mixed fruit and Pineapple variants.

Mix Fruit Jam

All your favorite fruits come together in Likla mixed fruit jam. It’s a perfect blend of five fruits; pineapple, papaya, plum, Indian Olive and pear. Grab a slice of Likla Bread, add a lavish amount of Likla Mixed fruit Jam and take a bite to make the real fruity experience even more sumptuous. Make your Breakfast delightful and special everyday with Likla Mixed Fruit Jam.

Pineapple Jam

Known for its high nutritional values, it’s a wonderful recipe to have Pineapple Jam introduced for an appetizing and healthy lifestyle. Refresh your taste buds with the Likla Pineapple Jam for a delicious and nutritious breakfast. A perfect partner with white/brown bread and your kids will definitely love it.